[alpha-P32]dCMP, 6000 Ci/mmol, 20 mCi/ml

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[alpha-P32]Deoxycytidine 5'-monophosphate (dCMP)

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Mehr Informationen
Molar Weight 306.1800
Radionuclide P-32
Specific Activity >222TBq (>6000Ci)/mmol
Radioactive Concentration 740MBq (20mCi)/ml
Nucleotide dCMP
Shipping Condition Ships cooled
Storage Solution 50mM Tricine-buffer (pH 7,6)
Storage Temperature Store at -20°C
Purity Description Purified by HPLC. Radiochemical purity >90%.
Supplier Hartmann Analytic
Size 1000 µCI
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